Audio Clean up skill (Intermediateļ¼‰

Additional Sample Reels


CG Animation Editing Demo Reel 

Full CG Animation Editingā€‹

Graphic Novel Animation Editing

Storyboards Animatic edit - Musical 

Animatic Process Edit

Storyboards Animatic edit Narration

My 1st stop-motion short film 

 Animation, Storyboards, and Visualization Editing

Previz Editing to Final Result Demo reel

- Creating objects and characters animation from photoshop layered files without having so many instructions.   

- Finding the right SFX and Music for the scenes in a short time. 

- Capable of working from storyboards, previz postvis, and finishing offline editing. 

- Worked close with top veteran story, creative artists -

CG character Animation Editing

Motion Graphics Sample Reel

Animatic Sequence Timeline Organization Example Image