I would like to share my favorite Japanese proverb with you. It goes like this:

"A frog in a well does not know the great sea, but it knows the height of the sky."

The first part of the proverb represents those who only know their visible world and lack awareness of the broader world, much like a frog born and raised in a well that doesn't know the vast sea. This is a metaphor for naivety.

The second part of the proverb is not well-known but is equally important. It states that despite not knowing the sea, the frog knows the height of the sky and aspires to something beyond its limited world. This part encourages people to challenge themselves and strive for their dreams and reminds us that achieving our goals requires effort, values, and sacrifices.

So, video production is akin to this frog's proverb, where we work with limited sources and footage, aiming to convey emotions to the audience. I believe one of our great missions is to share the thrill of the viewers' first encounter with a captivating scene. Hence, this proverb resonates with the essence of video editing, which I find appealing.

I hope to have the opportunity to participate in your future projects as an editor and help create the kind of excitement that one experiences when seeing beyond the well for the first time.