Ford Focus with the start of an online adventure and let the audience tell us how to continue it by opening a forum that allowed people to write how the wanted the story to unfold. During six weeks people wrote their stories, the best were selected, filmed and published online. 

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your own on-demand AI personal trainer that coaches you to real results. Vi tracks your workouts by monitoring your heart rate, cadence, and speed through aerospace-grade biosensors. As Vi learns your routines, you'll receive real-time feedback through a remarkably human-sounding voice.

1day of onset editing work

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Ford Focus: Web Ad 

Las Fantásticas Aventuras del Focus 

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CALIX: Meet The Millers / Web AD

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Calix is a global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems and services to deliver unified access networks and smart premises systems. The company was incorporated in 1999.

Vi Ai running trainer: Web Ad